Matte Forest Green Choir robes


Elevate your choir’s visual presence and embody a sense of natural beauty with the Matte Forest Green Choir Robe. This attire seamlessly combines earthiness with modern comfort, reflecting your choir’s connection to nature and artistic expression.

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Step onto the stage with a sense of natural beauty and timeless charm wearing our Matte Forest Green Choir Robe. This robe effortlessly blends classic elegance with contemporary comfort, enhancing your choir’s appearance and performance. The matte forest green color exudes a connection to nature and groundedness, leaving a lasting impression in both traditional and modern settings. Elevate your choir’s presence and add a touch of earthy refinement to your musical expressions with this exceptional attire.


  1. Earthy Matte Forest Green: The robe showcases a serene matte forest green shade that symbolizes connection to nature, growth, and timeless grace. Its subtle yet impactful presence ensures a captivating visual statement, perfect for various performance contexts.
  2. Premium Fabric: Crafted from premium breathable fabric, the robe guarantees unparalleled comfort during rehearsals and performances. The luxurious texture enhances the overall aesthetic while offering a comfortable experience.
  3. Tailored Excellence: Designed for a comfortable fit that flatters all body types, the robe’s tailored cut allows for ease of movement while maintaining a polished appearance.
  4. Sturdy Craftsmanship: Reinforced stitching and durable materials ensure the robe’s longevity, guaranteeing it can withstand numerous performances while retaining its allure.
  5. Formal Full-Length: The full-length design adds an air of formality, making the robe suitable for formal concerts, ceremonies, religious services, and other significant events.
  6. Effortless Closure: A concealed front zipper or button closure allows for quick changes backstage without compromising the robe’s elegant look.
  7. Subtle Elegance: Delicate details like refined pleats, elegant cuffs, and a modest stand-up collar contribute to the robe’s overall sophistication, enhancing your choir’s ensemble.
  8. Versatile Styling: The matte forest green canvas offers creative styling opportunities. Choir members can personalize their attire with stoles, sashes, or scarves to complement various themes or occasions.
  9. Unisex Adaptability: Available in various sizes, the robe caters to different body types and sizes, ensuring a uniform and flattering appearance for all members.
  10. Easy Maintenance: The fabric’s easy-care properties simplify upkeep. Machine washable and wrinkle-resistant, the robe remains impeccable and ready for every performance.

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Weight 1.200 kg
Choir Size

39(4'6"- 4'8"), 42(4'9"- 4'11"), 45(5'0"-5'2"), 48(5'3"- 5'5"), 51(5'6")-5'8"), 54(5'9"-5'11"), 57(6'0"- 6'2"), 60(6'3"-6'5"), 63(6'6"-6'8"), 66(6'9"-6'11")

Choir Front

Open Front, Zip Front


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