Rhythm Choir Gown

  • Details of the Rhythm Choir Gown:
  • Beautifully woven 100% polyester fabric with a matte finish;
  • fashionable voluminous yoke with a separate zipper;
  • available in white, maroon, purple, red, and royal blue.


When you give your group this gorgeous Rythm Choir Gown for their upcoming performance, they will definitely make a happy noise! With this garment, you can outfit your team like pros without going over budget because it offers the best possible value and style.

You can choose from White, Maroon, Purple, or Red, or the gorgeous cobalt blue color as pictured, for our Rhythm Choir Gown. Your team can prepare for events and performances with ease thanks to the full zip front design on every piece. These fashionable pieces will last for a long time, and your staff will be thrilled to be dressed like true pros.

Our exquisite couture features will be adored by your choir, and the Rhythm Choir Gown is made to provide a

“Made just for you” means that every size is catered to. These dresses are sure to be a hit, whether you are selecting them for regular performances, special events, or just an update.

Every Rhythm Choir Gown comes with:

Stylishly woven 100% polyester fabric available in five vibrant hues.
curved front with specific details
distinct zipper
Equipping your chorus group with eye-catching and professional equipment has never been easier!


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