Sky Blue Deluxe Supreme High School Graduation Kit: Gown, Cap, and Tassel


Celebrate your graduation day with the exquisite Graduation Paradise Sky Blue High School Graduation Kit. This all-inclusive package features a captivating sky blue gown, a matching cap, and a tassel, designed to infuse timeless elegance into your special occasion. Experience unforgettable moments and commemorate your achievements with this exceptional graduation kit from Graduation Paradise.

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The Graduation Paradise Sky Blue High School Graduation Kit is the epitome of sophistication and grace. Carefully curated, this package aims to elevate your graduation experience and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Gown: Immerse yourself in the beauty of the sky blue gown included in this kit. Crafted from premium-quality fabric, this gown gracefully drapes over your silhouette, exuding elegance and poise. Its classic design, complete with long sleeves, adds a touch of regality to your attire. Available in a range of sizes, the gown ensures a perfect fit for every graduate.

Cap: The coordinating sky blue cap adds the perfect finishing touch to your graduation ensemble. Constructed with durability in mind, this cap comfortably rests on your head, staying securely in place throughout the ceremony. Its sleek design and impeccable craftsmanship seamlessly complement the gown, creating a cohesive and refined look.

Tassel: The graduation tassel symbolizes the culmination of your hard work and accomplishments. The Sky Blue High School Graduation Kit includes a meticulously crafted tassel, featuring a gold Graduation Paradise logo charm. This personalized detail enhances the exclusivity of the kit and hangs elegantly from the cap, allowing you to proudly showcase your academic success.

With the Graduation Paradise Sky Blue High School Graduation Kit, you can commemorate your graduation day in style. The timeless elegance of this package ensures that you will fondly remember this milestone moment. Revel in your achievements and create unforgettable memories with Graduation Paradise.


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Weight 1.200 kg

4 ft 6" – 4 ft 8", 4 ft 9" – 4 ft 11", 5 ft 0" – 5 ft 2", 5 ft 3" – 5 ft 5", 5 ft 6" – 5 ft 8", 5 ft 9" – 5 ft 11", 6 ft 0" – 6 ft 2", 6 ft 3" – 6 ft 5", 6 ft 6" – 6 ft 8"


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