Bachelors Economy Cap & Gown

  • Satin Polyester in 100% Black
  • There Are 15 Sizes For The Gown
  • Hood’s Back Braided Rope and Button
  • Most sizes fit this cap.
  • Secures Tassel with Raised Button on Cap


One of our most luxurious yet affordable options for college gown bundles is the bachelors economy hat and gown set. Although not as glossy as our dazzling dresses, the finish is a subdued satin that is neither matte nor glossy. They are, nevertheless, made of higher-quality polyester and have a padded yoke and a fabric-covered button for attaching the hood on the back of the dress. Designed to help you outfit even a big graduating class without going over budget, our bachelors economy cap and gown is a great alternative to renting. These setups are both enough sturdy to be used repeatedly and sufficiently inexpensive for a single use.

Because the gown is composed of lightweight polyester, it will remain comfortable for your graduate the entire time.The gown has a long, loose fit, broad bell sleeves, a complete front zip and overall fashion statement appeal. Most head sizes can be accommodated by the elastic band of the matching cap.

We only have black available in our cheap bachelorette gown and cap.

This package does not include a tassel. For more products including cords, diploma covers, stoles, tassels, and more, visit our accessories website!


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