Black Super Elegant AUS Bachelor’s Graduation Gown, Cap and Tassel


Explore Graduation Paradise’s collection of super elegant AUS Bachelor’s Graduation Gown, Cap and Tassel  designed to add glamour and sophistication to your AUS Bachelor’s graduation. Discover our stunning range of garments crafted with precision and style, exclusively at Graduation Paradise.

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Elevate your AUS Bachelor’s graduation ceremony with the Super Elegant AUS Bachelor’s Graduation Gown, Cap and Tassel  from Graduation Paradise. Our brand, Graduation Paradise, is dedicated to offering you exceptional garments that capture the essence of glamour and celebrate your academic achievements.

Gown: Immerse yourself in the enchantment of our meticulously crafted super elegant gowns, which radiate sophistication and grace. Made with the finest materials, each gown exudes refinement and ensures you make a lasting impression on your graduation day.

Cap: The Super Elegant cap adds a touch of grandeur to your graduation ensemble. Made with utmost craftsmanship, the black cap features a square-shaped mortarboard adorned with a satin-finish fabric. The cap is designed to sit securely on your head, allowing you to proudly wear it as a symbol of your academic accomplishment.

Tassel: The regalia includes a distinguished tassel that complements the gown and cap. The tassel is available in a range of colors, allowing you to personalize your graduation look to match your field of study or personal preference. Suspended from the cap, the tassel serves as a proud symbol of your hard work and dedication throughout your bachelor’s degree journey.

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Weight 1.200 kg

4 ft 8"- 5 ft 2", 5 ft 10"-6 ft 1", 5 ft 3" -5 ft 6", 5 ft 7" -5 ft 9", 6 ft 6" – 6 ft 8", over 6 ft 2"


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