Deluxe Doctoral Hood

  • Satin Finish 100% Polyester
  • With a Velvet Band Trim, 5″ (13 cm) wide
  • Hook and button fastened
  • Personalised Chevron, Velvet, and Lining Colours
  • 46″ in length (117 cm)


This 46-inch-long traditional hood is made to match with either our deluxe or economical doctorate gowns. Our hoods, which are accented with a velvet band to symbolise your field of study, are composed entirely of polyester. This hood is composed of a blend of cotton and velveteen, and its black shell has a distinct sheen. The interior of the hood has a gorgeous satin lining in two colours and a chevron that is customised with the colours of your school. You can, however, truly personalise this hood to your liking or the preferences of your university. PHD grads and faculty members would look great in these hoods. Buying a hood from us is an excellent way to avoid renting because they are reasonably priced, reusable, and may be stored as a memento to be cherished for all time! Since all of our hoods are unisex, “one size fits all” applies to them all.


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