Double Honor Cords Red & Yellow


  • So many shades of colour
  • Most adults and teens fit into one size
  • Size of cord 65-inch
  • Size of tails: 4.5 inches
  • Diameter of cord: 3/8″ (8-9 mm)
  • 100% rayon thread material
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We are pleased to present our magnificent double-color Red & Yellow honour cord, a representation of distinction and success. This honour cord is made with great care and accuracy, with the intention of highlighting and commemorating your achievements.

Important characteristics:

Bright Colour Palette: Admire the elegance of our double-colored honour cord, which is embellished with a vibrant Red & Yellow. The complementary combination of these colours represents the two sides of your success.

Universal Fit: Our honour cord is made to fit most body shapes and sizes, making it suitable for both adults and teenagers. This ensures that every receiver will look respectable and comfortable.

Generous Size: Our honour cord’s 65-inch length enables a variety of style options, falling gracefully over the shoulders and neck.

Tasteful Tassel Length: The cord’s 4.5-inch tails give a sophisticated touch and produce an eye-catching piece that goes well with your organisational or academic accomplishments.

Sturdy Cord Construction: With a diameter of 3/8″ (8–9 mm), the cord is large and robust, complementing the honour it symbolises. It also offers durability.

Premium Material: Our honour cord radiates quality and craftsmanship because it is made entirely of rayon thread. The opulent texture enhances the overall attractiveness by adding a tactile touch.

Product Description

Use this double-color Red & Yellow honour cord to showcase your accomplishments. More than just a symbol, this finely created accessory is evidence of your commitment to quality and excellence.

The design’s twin colours, which stand for achievement and success and depth and stability respectively, are a visual depiction of your many accomplishments. Let this honour cord be a proud declaration of your dedication and hard work that you wear.

The 65-inch cord guarantees a universal fit, making it appropriate for both adults and teenagers. Recipients of all sizes can wear it with dignity and pride. The 4.5-inch tails give you a unique appearance that makes you stand out.

Made entirely of rayon thread, the honour cord has a high-end feel to it in addition to its opulent appearance. The cord’s sturdy 3/8″ (8–9 mm) diameter represents sturdiness and strength, representing the long-lasting quality of your accomplishments.

Wearing our Double Colour Red & Yellow Honour Cord during graduation ceremonies, academic accolades, or organisational recognitions is a classic way to remember your journey and start new achievements. Take delight in it and show off your accomplishments.


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