Double Maroon & White Colour Tassel With Charm


Discover sophistication with the Double Maroon & White Colour Tassel With Charm by Graduation Paradise. The dual-color composition represents a perfect harmony of strength and purity, making it a standout feature of your graduation attire. Carefully designed to add a touch of class to your cap, this tassel is more than just an accessory; it’s a representation of your dedication and success. Crafted with attention to detail, it serves as a lasting memento, capturing the memories of your academic accomplishments.

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Product Description: Introducing the Double Maroon & White Colour Tassel With Charm, a distinguished graduation accessory meticulously crafted by Graduation Paradise. Elevate your commencement experience with this elegant tassel, seamlessly blending the deep richness of maroon with the timeless purity of white threads. This accessory from Graduation Paradise is not just a symbol of achievement; it’s a stylish addition to your cap and gown ensemble, reflecting the significance of your academic journey.

Brand Name: Graduation Paradise Graduation Elegance


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