Economy Masters Gown

  • Satin polyester in 100% black.
  • Dress in 15 Sizes Available
  • A button and braided rope on the back of the hood
  • Gown Shape Is Preserved by Padded Yoke
  • Traditional Sleeves That Are Extensive


Our masters economy gown, which has all the features of the deluxe with the exception of the fluting, is one of our finest robes at the lowest cost. Although not as glossy as our dazzling dresses, the finish is a subdued satin that is neither matte nor glossy. They are, nevertheless, made of higher-quality polyester and have a padded yoke and a fabric-covered button for attaching the hood on the back of the dress. Designed to help you dress even a big graduating class without going over budget, our masters economy gown is a great alternative to renting. These dresses are sufficiently sturdy to be used repeatedly while still being reasonably priced for a single use.

Because of the gown’s lightweight polyester construction, your graduate will feel comfortable the whole ceremony. The gown has a long, loose fit, broad bell sleeves, a complete front zip and overall fashion statement appeal. Your grads will look their best before, during, and after the ceremony thanks to this thick, sturdy fabric that resists wrinkles and retains its shape wonderfully.

The only colour available for our cheap masters robe is black.


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