Multi Colour Honor Cord Forest Green & Yellow

  • So many shades of colour
  • Most adults and teens fit into one size
  • Size of cord 65-inch
  • Size of tails: 4.5 inches
  • Diameter of cord: 3/8″ (8-9 mm)
  • 100% rayon thread material


A stunning Orange & White emblem of academic excellence, present to you is the Graduation Paradise’s Multi-Colour Honor Cord. Use this expertly made cord to enhance your graduation ceremony and highlight your accomplishments and commitment.
Our honor cord is a wonderful example of the superior quality that Graduation Paradise’s is known for, since it is crafted with precision and care. The contrast between royal purple and immaculate white highlights your academic achievements while also lending an air of luxury to your outfit.
The Graduation Paradise’s Multi-Colour Honor Cord is a proud representation of your dedication to greatness, not just a stylish accessory. The string is a fantastic match for your special day and goes well with a variety of graduation gowns.
This unique piece is a memento to treasure for years to come, as well as a celebration of your accomplishment. With the Graduation Paradise’s Multi-Colour Honor Cord, you can stand out and make a statement. It combines accomplishment with flair. Add a sophisticated touch to your graduation ceremony and incorporate a sign of your successful trip.


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