Graduation Tam

  • Button up, raised velvet in black
  • Tiny: 21″ (6.5–7.0 Cap Size)
  • 23″ in medium (cap size 7.0–7.5)
  • Big: 24″ (7.5-8.0 Cap Size)
  • Choose from 4, 6, or 8 sides.


Our black tam is a premium velvet hat that is perfect for instructors and college students alike. More specifically, faculty, PHD, and Ed.S. grads are usually the ones who use this cap. These tams fit your head pleasantly thanks to their soft elastic band and fluffy, raised top. Despite the fact that these hats are adjustable, we do supply three sizes to fit all head sizes and give a fitting appearance.

Every tam is composed of lofty pile velvet that is velvety and textured. Our tams come in a variety of styles, both with and without tassels. To safely fasten any of our large college tassels, this specific tam features an elevated button in the middle of the top. To satisfy every school’s requirements, the tams are available in three shapes: 4, 6, or 8 sides.


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