Melody Choir Gown

  • Features of the Melody Choir Gown
  • Fashion: Fluted Yoke
  • Separating Zipper
  • Adjustable Cuff Sleeves with Velcro
  • Matte Finish Material
  • In stock in Royal Blue
  • White, Maroon, Purple, and Red.


Stunning and stately, our Melody Choir Gown is made to last — and to delight your team for years to come, too.This striking piece is truly a lasting addition to your choral program and ensures that your team looks its best for every performance.

Each Melody Choir Gown features a stylish fluted yoke that is flattering to all body types and to both men and women. A full-zip front makes it easy for your team to get ready for events and performances. Each of our stunning Melody Choir Gowns is designed with details that make our products truly special; from fully adjustable sleeves to precise and intricate stitching detail.

Your team will love our amazing lineup of stylish details and the Melody Choir Gown is designed to offer a “made just for you” custom fit. Choose from a delightful lineup of colors to match your church or group theme and use for special occasions, regular performances, and special events.

Each Melody Choir Gown features:

  • Elegantly woven 100% polyester fabric in your choice of formal colors
  • Fluted front with specialty details
  • Separating zipper

Our gowns are built to last and will serve your choir and church for years to come!


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