Symphony Choir Gown

  • Matte Finish Material
  • Elegantly Woven 100% Polyester Fabric
  • Contrasting Fashion Pleated Yoke with Embroidery Detail
  • Contrasting Stole Accent with Embroidery Detail
  • Separating Zipper
  • Contrasting Adjustable Cuff Sleeves with Velcro
  • Available in White, Maroon, Purple, Red, & Royal Blue


High contrast details, thick, luxurious fabric and the details that ensure a perfect fit make our Symphony Choir Gown a top pick for churches, private schools, and groups. We’ve loaded each piece with professional styling details and couture touches to create a lasting robe your praise team won’t be able to resist.

Our Symphony Choir Gown is available in six stunning colors so you can choose the one that best suits your church or group. A full zip that makes it easy for your team to get ready for events and performances, while carefully crafted design details ensure a precise fit.

Your choir will love our Symphony Choir Gown and be delighted with the professional, coordinated look for your performances — and you’ll love the value this piece offers. We know you have to adhere to a budget, so we created this piece to offer the best possible return on your investment.

Each Symphony Choir Gown features:

  • Elegantly woven 100% polyester fabric in your choice of 6 popular shades
  • High contrast trim and details
  • Separating zipper

Give your choir the professional robes they deserve and make a splash at your next performance.


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