Symphony Youth Choir Gown

  • Matte Finish Substance
  • Stylish 100% Polyester Fabric Woven 
  • Fashionably Contrasting Pleated Yoke Featuring Embroidered Detail 
  • Accent Stole Contrasting with Embroidery Detail 
  • Taking Out the Zipper 
  • Vibrant Velcro Adjustable Cuff Sleeves in White, Maroon, Purple, Red, and Royal Blue


The exquisite fit, thick, sumptuous fabric, and striking contrast features of our Symphony Youth Choir Gown are irresistible to our young praise teams. Perfectly scaled down from our enduringly famous adult performance gowns, this magnificent item is a top choice for churches, private schools, and groups.

Choose the hue that best matches your church or group from our six gorgeous colors, each with a striking high contrast design for your Symphony Youth Choir Gown. Even your youngest choir members can get ready with little help thanks to our complete zipper front.

Our Symphony Youth Choir Gown will be loved by your choir, and you’ll appreciate how your group looks polished when they put on their robes. We’ve blended excellent grade, 100% weaved polyester with expert dressmaker touches to ensure that your robes stay in shape for many years to come.

Featured on every Symphony Youth Choir Gown are:

Stylishly woven 100% polyester fabric available in six trendy tones.
high contrast details and trim
distinct zipper
Put on the elegant robes your young choir deserves, and watch them take center stage during your upcoming concert.


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